Retail and Wholesale


National, Regional, and State Award winning fresh, cooked, and smoked products.
Fresh frozen steaks, chops, roast, burger, and more.
Carry-out catering is available.

Special orders are available
•Meat bundles
•Large quantity discounts
•Special cuts


We wholesale fresh, cooked, and smoked products.

We wholesale to:


Product Price
Summer Sausage 3lb Stick $13.00
Summer Sausage 2lb Stick $9.00
Summer Sausage 15oz Chub $7.50
Summer Sausage w/ Cheese 2lb Stick $10.00
Summer Sausage w/ Cheese 15oz Chub $8.00
Summer Sausage 8oz (all types) $5.00/pcs
All Beef Summer Sausage $8.00/pcs
Original Snack Sticks $10.00/lb
BBQ Snack Sticks $10.00/lb
Snack Sticks w/ Cheese $10.00/lb
Jalapeno and Cheese Snack Sticks $10.00/lb
Ground and Formed Jerky $25.00/lb
Muscle Jerky $30.00/lb
Beef or Pork Whole Muscle Jerky 3oz $5.50/pack
Ground and Formed Jerky 3oz $5.50/pack
Pork Jerky $25.00/lb
Old Fashion Summer Sausage $13.00/stick
Ring Bologna $5.00/pcs