What Is Custom Processing?

Processing of beef, hog, lamb, or other carcass for an individual to that individual’s specifications.

Farmers, Ranchers, and Livestock Owners:

Farmers and ranchers from the surrounding areas bring their livestock to us for slaughtering and processing. We have the resources to get in whole, halves, or quarters of beef, as well as whole or half hogs from local farmers. We will process the beef or pork to your specifications. The livestock we locate for you is locally raised.


Day Info

Our slaughter days are on Mondays and Thursdays (inspection available upon request). All livestock MUST be scheduled. Livestock is to be unloaded by 7:30a.m. on the day of slaughter, unless stated differently by an employee of Davis Meat Processing. Please be aware of optimum sized livestock for our pens.  Please contact us if you have questions.

All Prices Are Subject to Change.


(hanging wt.) minimum $112.50 (large beef charge over 800lb call for pricing) Inspection fees($20.00/animal /day)


(Large Hog charge over 300lb call for pricing) Inspection fees ($10.00/animal/day)

Processing Fee

Cut, wrap (freezer paper), frozen


Slaughter and processing(freezer paper)Offal Charge $10

Cyrovac Packaging

Heat Seal

Patties <b>(1/3lb)</b>


Seasoned Patties


Seasoning Charge<br>


Link Sausage




Lard Rendering

8-10lb container

Extra Boning


Pork Cubed


1/4 of Beef Processing


1/2 of Hog Processing


Saving Liver, Heart, Tongue – Beef


Rib Eyes
$5.00/half beef


Boning Beef Short Loin
$12.00/half beef


Boning Pork Loin
$6.00/half hog


Offal Charge
$20.00/half beef


Offal Charge
$10.00/half hog