Deer Processing

Missouri Department of Conservation

This is the MO Department of Conservation Health & Safety  page. It has some helpful information for handling of deer and the risks.


We will not be accepting Deer from the 11 CWD known counties (Adair, Cedar, Cole, Franklin, Genevieve, Jefferson, Linn, Macon Perry, Polk or St. Clair) for the Share the Harvest Program.

This Year

Due to Concerns with CWD we will be handling deer differently this year. We will be requiring the County the Deer was Harvested in, the Confirmation #, whether the Deer was CWD tested or Not.
As always each deer will be kept separate — ie. roast, loin, steaks, deer burger is from your deer.
We do co-mingle deer for specialty products, however this year we will be seperating deer harvested in CWD Counties, Deer being CWD Tested and Deer Harvested in Non-CWD Zones.
You can still request to do your own batches of Specialty Products for the additional charge, remember the minimum batch size is 25lbs for 1 item.

CDC Recommendation

In areas where CWD is known to be present (Adair, Cole, Franklin, Jefferson, Linn, Macon, and St. Clair counties), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends hunters strongly consider having their harvested deer tested before eating the meat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends not consuming an animal that tests positive for the disease. Do not eat meat from deer that look sick or are found dead. If a hunter chooses to dispose of the processed meat, do so properly through a trash service to a properly permitted landfill to prevent the spread of the disease.

CWD Regulations

This information was taken from the MO Department of Conservation Website.

Notice – Archery Hunters

We will have the cooler on the north end of the plant open for archery season to place your deer in after hours. Please be sure it has been properly conservation checked and your name and confirmation number is legibly attached to the deer. Call us the next working day with instructions and payment information.
Whole Deer
•You get your deer back (except sausages)
•We make high quality cooked and fresh sausages
•Grinding is included in processing charge
•Own batches of sausage are available
Carry-In Meat — Boneless Meat
  1. We will grind burger or make sausages from your boneless chunks of deer meat
  2. We ask that the chunks be no larger than your fist
  3. Meat should be brought in frozen for making sausages – in food safe bags, not trash bags, grocery sacks, buckets or containers you want back
  4. Product should be free of debris (hair, human or deer, leaves, sticks, feces etc.). Clean ready to use meat
  • We will be happy to make you Summer Sausage, Snack Sticks, Bologna, Jerky, Bratwurst, or Link Sausage from your Carry In meat however, we will not be accepting any Carry-In deer meat until after January 20th 2019.
  • Whole deer that we process, sausage will be processed prior to carry-in boneless meat.
  • Boneless Meat that the deer has not been CWD tested will need to make their own batch if coming from a CWD Zone
  • Boneless Meat that Has Been CWD tested can be co-mingled. We will not take Boneless Deer Meat in until Test Results are in.

Special Batches

•Special batches are made in 25lb increments
•Extra charges apply
•They are done after processed deer and carry-in non-own batches are finished

Deer Tips

Remember the three Cs. Keep the deer clean, cool, and covered

Final Dressing:
•Cut around the rectum to free it and the bladder
•Remove the paunch, intestines, bladder, and rectum
•Split rounds at seam to pelvis bone. Split bone if possible. Be careful not to jab into the rounds
•Watch for the tenderloin!
•Cut around diaphragm to remove lungs, heart, and esophagus
•Remove udder on female deer
•Rinse with cold water (especially if gut shot)
•Pack with ice (chest and rounds)
•Wrap deer to protect it from flies and debris

Deer Processing

Product Price
Deer Processing
(skinning, cutting roast, chops, steaks, & grinding plain burger)
Skinning for Head Mount & Processing $170.00
Partial or Fully Skinned Deer $200.00+
Cut Leader (tendon) $5.00/leader
Bone and Butterfly $5.00
Stew Meat $1.10/lb
Carry In Deer or Wild Game Meat Processing
Processing — Minimum $100 charge $1.00/lb
Grinding (min. 25lb – $11.25) $0.55/lb
Grind and Wrap (min. 25lb – $21.25) $0.95/lb
Carry in Specialty Products Extra $0.20/lb
Carry in Bratwurst or Link Sausage Extra $0.85/lb
Own Batches Pricing
Own Batch (125lb+) $0.20/lb
Own Batch (100lb) $0.25/lb
Own Batch (75lb) $0.35/lb
Own Batch (50lb) $0.50/lb
Own Batch (25lb) $1.00/lb
Prices Subject to Change

Specialty Product

Product Price
Price Average
Price + Pork
Summer Sausage 2lb $2.78/lb
Summer Sausage 1lb $3.58/lb
Summer Sausage w/ Cheese 2lb $3.13/lb
Summer Sausage w/ Cheese 1lb $3.93/lb
Deer Sticks
(2lb pack)
Deer Sticks w/ Cheese
(2lb pack)
BBQ Snack Sticks
(2lb pack)
(10lb minimum)
Jerky $3.35/lb
Jalapeno Summer Sausage 2lb $3.18/lb
Jalapeno Summer Sausage 1lb $3.98/lb
Jalapeno w/ Cheese Deer Sticks
(2lb pack)
Bratwurst $1.88/lb
Link Sausage $1.88/lb