Product Price
Ham (over 10lb) $5.99/lb
Ham (under 10lb) $6.19/lb
Roast Beef (10-20lb orders) $6.45/lb
Roast Beef (over 20lb) $6.25/lb
Smoked Bratwurst (w/ BBQ sauce) $5.59/lb
Smoked Pork Chops $6.95/lb
Pulled Pork $7.00/lb
BBQ Pulled Pork $7.50/lb
Boneless Smoked Pork Loin $7.00/lb
Turkey $6.85/lb
Pre-cooked Items
Corn $13.00/gallon
Green Beans $13.00/gallon
Green Bean Casserole $19.50/gallon
Scallop Potatoes $15.50/gallon
Parsley Potatoes $15.50/gallon
Baked Beans $16.00/gallon
Mixed Fruit $16.00/gallon
Cole Slaw (vinegar/creamy) $2.39/lb
German Potato Salad $2.39/lb
Broccoli and Rice $22.00/gallon
Heavenly Jell-O $24.00/gallon
Mostaccioli $24.00/gallon
Potato Casserole $24.00/gallon
Salad $24.00/gallon
Fresh Fruit $24.00/gallon
Potato Salad $2.39/lb
Deli Trays
3 Meat and 2 Cheese $3.25/person
All Meat $3.50/person
All Cheese $3.50/person
Equipment Rental
Roaster Rental $10.00/each
Other Catering Options
Whole Hog Cooked/Set on Board plus $20.00 deposit on board refundable when brought back $150.00
Bone, Slice, and Put in Pan Whole Hog for slaughter, cure, and cook for boning, slicing, and putting in pan/bag OR for pulled pork in a pan or bag $95.00/lb $0.75/lb $1.00/lb
For all meats, side dishes, and dessert at least two weeks notice is needed